The CRI Council is a non-profit, non-partisan building industry led organization, founded to create an integrated body of knowledge, based on the combined principals of zero waste, sustainable development and change management. We are self-motivated and pragmatic thinkers, whose actions are fueled by passion, inspiring action in others.

Our Dream:           

Zero waste and sustainable communities everywhere

Our Mission:

Supporting, developing & implementing initiatives, that help eliminate the concept of building ‘waste’    and bring the necessary socio-economical system changes in the construction and building industry

Our Focus:

Changing the way the global construction and building industry views and deals with its resources.

 Our Core Principles:

Create an environment for all stakeholders to come together to discuss and interact on:

Strategic and Fundamental Change Management

Integration and Education

Tools and Support

Effective Communication

Research and Innovations


Our Stakeholders:  Individuals, institutions, NGO’s or other organizations, working directly or indirectly with the construction and building industry, including all of those involved in the building material supply chain, policies, education, communication, change, product research and development.

Our Benefactors:   Individuals or organizations supporting the CRI Council as…

  • Allies are organizations having either formally endorsed the CRI Council by signing the Alliance Memorandum of Understanding at Those continuously providing subject matter expertise, communicating events or updates to their members, collaborating on specific projects, volunteering their time and resources to serve as a CRI Council directors or task force members; and having bestowed an honor to the organization or leaders are also considered allies. (No capital investment; Requires a proven commitment of at least one to the CRI Council as a Partner; Subject to board of director approval and annual review)
  • Partners are individuals or organizations seeking collaboration, support or services from the CRI Council like-minded professional network and financially supporting its initiatives. More details on page 2

Founding$1,000Social media announcement…
Supporting$1,500Full page advertisement in following quarterly bulletin
Innovating $2,000Full page advertisement in following quarterly bulletin
Leading$2,500Full page advertisement in following quarterly bulletin
Bronze $5,000Do
Silver$7,500 Do
Gold $10,000 Do
Change$500Detailed listing in annual report & web
‘Waste Saver’ $750Detailed listing on Waste Saver mobile app…
Responsible$250Listing in annual report & web
Platinumsee notesee prospectus



  • ALL Members, allies and partners
    • can use the Mission 2030 logo
    • will receive advanced notice to events and quarterly
    • will be given priority to consulting opportunities
    • benefit from discounted products, services and events
    • may be nominated for a leadership position
    • will receive the first right of refusal to sponsor special events or projects
    • are annual and made official from the receipt/clearance of payment date
  • Allies and partners are subject to approval when not invited by an executive member
    • May have one entry in the International Scrap to Art Contest
  • Allies and partners in good standing may vote in the election and recommendation processes


To become partner, simply e-mail us your expression of interest including the following information. An invoicewill then be e-mailed back to you and your partnership will be official from the date of payment.

  • the level of partnership desired
  • your full details (name, principal contact, coordinates including full civic, e-mail and URL addresses
  • Method of Payment


  • Preferred: E-Mail or Direct Bank Deposit
  • Others:
    • PayPal
    • Cheque Payable to the ‘Construction Resource Initiatives Council’; 1609 Donald B Munro Drive, Ottawa, ON K0A 1L0
    • Money Order

FOUNDING ($1,000) additional benefit to general

  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Organization’s name, hyperlinked in all documentation or social media including supporter listing, including: Web Site, Mobile App and ‘Living’ and’ Crowd-Sourced’ Reference Guide

INNOVATING ($2,000) additional benefit to general and founding

  • Sharing of Press Releases
  • VIP ‘Observer’ Seat at summits or strategic meetings
  • Advance Copy of Discussion, White or Position Papers for Information
  • Opportunity to sign papers in approval or support

LEADING (2,500) additional benefit to general and innovating

  • VIP ‘Leader’ Seat at summits or strategic meetings
  • Advance Copy of Discussion, White or Position Papers for Information, Review and Commentary
  • Opportunity to Sign Position Papers in approval or support
  • Opportunity to include personal or corporate commentary or information in papers, when appropriate

BRONZE ($5,000) additional benefit to general and leading

  • High-level recognition on CRI Council web site, bulletins, webinars, conferences, presentations, mobile app, etc.
  • Free Attendance to CRI Council Webinars and other low cost events

SILVER ($7,500) additional benefit to general and bronze

  • Full page Commentary in living and crowd-sourced platform, Reference Guide, with hyperlinks
  • Panelist or other similar opportunities at CRI Council events

GOLD ($10,000) additional benefit to general and silver

  • Advance notice and at cost tickets to CRI Council special events (i.e. summit)
  • Unique networking or other opportunities to promote your organization, products and/or services
  • Unlimited use of CRI Council presentations, diagrams, etc.
  • 24 hrs of in-house consulting (all travelling expenses excluded)
  • Opportunity to lead, review or comment a CRI Council project or committee for

Change Strategy and Management

Creative Communication

Tools and Support

Research and Innovations


PLATINUM (Custom) additional benefit to general and gold

  • The Platinum Partner is a unique and exceptional partner working on a or several important and specific industry challenges or opportunities, with the full collaboration of the CRI Council
  • Discounts for advertisement with CRI Council or media sponsor