Welcome to what is intended to be a cornerstone for our organization. While still at infancy stage, we are pleased to be working with Ryerson University students Deniz Ergun and Joe Earle, under the guidance of Professor Dr Mark Gorgolewski, Director for Graduate Program in Building Science, Department of Architectural Science.

As a starting point, visitors can find an invaluable document, listing a wide range of references, identified in a comprehensive search, complete with a short review of each, and categorized as best possible. Note that some documents are relevant in several categories, and therefore can be found more than once, through the seven categories.

Be sure to visit us on a regular basis as we continue to build our virtual library, accessible by all, believing that change is needed

For any information, proposing free non-partisan and non-commecial documents, or volunteering for this critical part to the Mission 2030 initiative, contact us at