Zero Waste

In a society accustomed to accepting the idea of disposable things, Zero Waste by 2030 may be a difficult concept to grasp. And it is true, there will always be some degree of packaging, food waste and household garbage for which there is no other solution but landfill.

When we discuss the concept of Zero Waste by 2030, we are addressing the total elimination of the Construction, Renovation and Demolition contribution to the waste stream going to landfills by 2030.

Almost all CRD waste can be recycled, reclaimed or reused. Where some materials cannot be saved from the landfill or reused we can choose to exclude those materials from the design process.

Zero Waste by 2030 requires we all adopt a closed-loop mentality. It means we must stop thinking that any supply of materials in which we choose to invest our time, money or energy has an optional element. That is – we have to stop thinking, “If I don’t use that, I can throw it away.”

Effectively, there is no “away.” Zero Waste by 2030 asks that we all understand that landfills require space on the earth. Whatever we make, use or buy, one way or another, we must keep.