Using local to global initiatives, the CRI Council aims to continuously support improvements of regulatory, collaborative, integrative and generative/productive terms and conditions that individuals, groups, organizations, societies and ultimately supranationals must work with. The following is a very small sampling of specialized organizations and initiatives we have tapped into for the creation of our own flagship initiative MISSION 2030 and others as these generally offer reliable information and like the CRI Council, believe that the global sustainable development goals are not only achievable, they are critical for the growth, health and well-being of all. 



Professional Groups 

    1. Architecture 2030
    2. Architecture Canada 
    3. Ontario Association of Architects 
    4. Ottawa Regional Society of Architects 
    5. International Union of Architects
    6. International Designers of Canada  

Focused Industry Groups

    1. Biomimicry Institute 
    2. Canadian American Business Council;   
    3. Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
      • Canadian, And North American Sustainable Plant Program
    4. Canadian Wood Council
    5. Construction Specifications Canada – Ottawa Chapter 
    6. David Suzuki Foundation 
    7. Green Building Councils and Chapters
      • World Green Building Council
      • Canada Green Building Council
      • US Green Building Council
    8. Green City Times 
    9. Ellen MacArthur Foundation
    10. GPM (Green Project Management
    11. International Institute for Sustainable Development
    12. Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
    1. Standards and Certifications 
    1. Products 
      1. Cradle to Cradle;  
    2. Supply Chain Groups 
      1. APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society
      2. Canadian Supply Chain Council
      3. Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
      4. Forest Stewardship Certification


  1. BOMA (Building Owners Managers Association)
  2. IFMA (International Facilities Management Association)
  3. REALPAC (Real Property Association of Canada)


  1. International Solid Waste Association 
  2. Building Material Reuse Association
  3. Recycling Groups
    • Bureau of International Recycling
    • Construction and Demolition Recycling Association
    • Electronic Product Recycling Association
    • Reverse Logistics Association
  4. Zero Waste Groups 
    • National Zero Waste Council
    • US Army Net Zero
    • US Zero Waste Business Council


  1. International Solid Waste Association
  2. International Standards Organization 
  3. Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment
    1. Canada Action Plan
      1. Extended Produce r Responsibility
    2. Canadian Federal Government
      1. Federal Sustainable Development Strategy
    3. Canadian Federation of Canadian Municipalities
      1. Green Fund
  1. Canadian Standard Organization (CSC)
  2. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA – USA)
  3. European Commission: 
    1. Construction Product Regulation;
    2. Policy Recommendations for Resource Efficiency; 
    3. European Resource Efficiency Platform;
    4. Manifesto and Policy Recommendations
    5. Construction Waste Management Protocol
  4. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
    1. Green Growth Indicators;
    2. The Development Assistance Committee. 
  5. The Sub-national Global Climate Leadership dubbed
    1. Under 2 MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)
  6. United Nations 
    1. UNCDF (UN Capital Development Fund) 
    2. UNDP (UN Development Programmes) 
    3. UN-Habitat
    4. UNITAR (UN Institute for Training and Research) 
    5. UNEP (UN Environment Programme) which focuses on 
      1. Climate change, 
      2. Disasters and conflicts, 
      3. Ecosystem management, 
        1. Environmental governance,
        2. Environment under review,
        3. Harmful substances, and
        4. Resource efficiency. Its main divisions are
      4. DEWA (Early Warning and Assessment)
      5. DEPI (Environmental Policy Implementation)
      6. DTIE (Technology Industry and Economics)
        1. Sustainable Building and Climate Initiatives
        2. SCP (Sustainable Consumption and Production) Branch
      7. DRC (Regional Cooperation) 
      8. DELC (Environmental Law and Conventions)
      9. DCPI (Communications and Public Information)
      10. DDEFC (Global Environment Facility Coordination)
    6. UNESCO (UN Education, Scientific and Cultural Organizations)