Tools & Support

The TOOLS & SUPPORT Committee provides commentaries on existing tools and drive other invaluable accessible tools, enabling ALL stakeholders. The priority tool and support projects are:

MOBILE APPS have become invaluable tools in just about every sector over the last few years, and design, construction or waste sectors are no exception to this. In a broad scope, we found that while there were Apps for ASHRAE, BIM, CAD, Generals, Project Management, Carpentry, Concrete, Drywall, Waste, Building Rating Systems, etc., we have yet to find an App that supports the core principles of the CRI Council. Therefore, with TNPGI, we have begun the process to create and develop the most useful tool possible, facilitating awareness and education, along with waste management planning, for the widest possible range of stakeholders, including designers, contractors, manufacturers and facility managers.

Although no app will ever replace responsible corporate environmental and social policies, creative design, or best construction practices, it may well open new doors for the countless stuck in the belief that they are trapped. Of course the doors they open will be up to them, and expectations must be realistic – especially in the early days when data will be minimal, until funded, in one way or another.

Platform:   The green light has been given for the iPhone & Android platform,  and is one of the council’s highest priority. Providing additional funding is made available, the Blackberry platform will also be made available.   The design and development of the first generation will allow us to cover Canada and the US. Other countries will also easily be able to adapt with future generation. Other tools such as a virtual green product library and an online waste management program will also align with the mobile app.

Project Leaders:

Darryl Hood, B.Arch., B.A., OAA, MRAIC, LEED®AP BD+C, CSV Architects, Ottawa

J. Gordon Erskine, B.Arch., OAA, MRAIC, LEEP© AP, Erskine Dredge Architects, Ottawa

Alyssa Aiello, Algonquin College Interior Design Student

Service Provider:

Judy Richardson, Shari Galette & Christy Lightowlers, TNPGI – The Never-ending Pursuit of Great Ideas,

Sponsored in part by 



MISSION 2030 REFERENCE GUIDE will be a live document that will help stakeholders (primary and secondary) to not only understand their role in the generation of industrial, commercial and institutional waste generation, but also to find documentation, tips and tools to help them transform themselves in the quest for zero waste and Mission 2030. The reference guide will also be aligned with all of our core principles and other tools; as well as form an integral part of our learner-centered education program. It will include:

  • Government regulations and initiatives
  • Non-Govermental Organizations initiatives
  • Case Studies and research
  • Technology synergies and trade-offs
  • Etc