Communication is currently our most essential communication tool, for a fundamentally clear and unified message to all, on the importance of changing how industry views and deals with building waste.  The site principal goal is to inform visitors:

  • ABOUT the organization, progress and activities
  • WHY CHANGE – Outlining the issue and impacts
  • HOW TO CHANGE – Outlining the council’s direction and approach to influence change
  • WHAT TO DO – Outlining the specific actions taken by industry leaders, or available as ‘tools’ for various tasks
  • SUPPORTERS – a critical element to our start-up non-partisan, and non-profit organization and more

Service Provider:  White Design is a professional graphic design company located in Stittsville, Ontario. With over eighteen years of experience, as a senior graphic designer, Sherry White, is working closely with the CRI Council to integrate our strongest ideas, with her design savvy, to create a fresh look geared specifically to our target audience.

Project Lead: From the onset, CRI Council founder Renée Gratton, has worked closely with White Design to establish and develop a user friendly web site, reflective of the council’s objective and strategy. However, as interest, demand and proposed content continues to grow, we are the seeking individuals (volunteers in the short term, and staff in the long term) to ensure continuously effective communication with all stakeholders.

 This noted, in view of the nature and shear size of the task at hand, a web site and traditional platform will not be sufficient to meet our needs. Therefore, a number of other options are being explored so that members and sponsor can have access to the following online functions:

OPIN Project Leader:   Rob Hewitt, Cohen & Cohen.   Raised around the office and building interiors business since 1989, Rob joined the family run furniture dealership in 1999 where he gained marketing experience and working with the architectural and interior design community, as well as the manufacturing and distributing sectors. Rob now promotes DIRTT’s (Doing It Right This Time) reusable interior building technology, and joined the CRI council in 2011, bringing a well-rounded experience. As a proud father of three young children, Rob’s passion is clear – leave a healthier planet for them to rely on.