Timeline & Accomplishments

The Path to Waste Prevention Starts at the Source: The Customer  


For decade, the question of interior commercial partition systems and sustainability of gypsum board, has been examined by manufacturers, usually for the purpose of product market research. But in 2006, a few ORSA (Ottawa Regional Society of Architects) Supporters examined the question again from a unbiased position to shed some light on life cycle costs and greenwashing, acoustical and economical factors. This led to a greater understanding of the urgency for clear answers on issues, impacts and possible solutions around gypsum board recycling and subsequently, the forming of the Construction Recycling Initiatives Task Group in 2008. The group first important outcome was in the form of a White Paper by R. Gratton, RG Integration and G. Beaudoin, Ed Brunet Construction, published June 2010; in collaboration with members of the ORSA, the Ottawa Regional Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council, the Fios Group and a number of other specialists.


The Original Construction Recycling Initiatives Task Group Outcome:

  1. Gypsum Recycling in the National Capital Region was widely distributed for peer review and information See http://www.cricouncil.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/CRI-Final-Report-July-6-10.pdf
  2. City of Ottawa Motion – Construction and Demolition Recycling Initiatives; unanimously carried July 2010; Based on Councillor Qadri’s Report dated June 28, 2010, ACS2010-CCCS-PEC-0024;

City Wide and extract of Draft Minutes July 5, 2010:

See motion details at http://ottawa.ca/calendar/ottawa/citycouncil/occ/2010/07-14/pec/15%20-%20ACS2010-CCS-PEC-0024%20-%20Qadri%20-%20ICI%20Waste%20Recycling%20Initiatives.htm

  1. Industry and Public Requests to Foster and Advance the Matter on Drywall and Other Materials. Priorities were on
    1. Defining the direction of change – the WHY: The organization started with the end vision clearly in focus, which is ‘resource efficient communities’, producing no construction, renovation or demolition waste by 2030.
    2. Overcoming inertia – the HOW: Generating the reasons to change in a way that all could see the need for it – a key element of any successful change initiative
    3. Starting the Journey – the WHAT: Creating the CRI Council was the first step, Mission 2030 Call-to-Action the second…
  2. The Creation of the Construction Resource Initiatives Council

Post-2015 – Plan Priorities:

  • Organization & Communication
  • Mission 2030
  • Tools and Indicators
  • Integrative Learning




September 8
International Solid Waste Association Workshop, Antwerp Belgium – See Details at


September 22-23
Lean & Integrated Project Delivery Workshop – Pilot, Ottawa – See Details at


September 25
Press Conference – Post-2015 Integration Declaration – see Declaration draft at


Design Charrette – Community Integration

October 6
New York State Association for Solid Waste Management, Lake Placid New York

  • Pannone, Lopes, Devereaux and West LLC, VIP Dinner
  • CRI Council Executive Meeting

December 1
Deadline for International scrap2ART Contest registration – See Contest Website at http://www.scrap2art.ca/

2016 – TBD    Federation of Canadian Municipality Sustainable Communities Conference – Connect Explore Experience; Feb. 9-11, 2016, Ottawa); New Orleans

Canadian Construction Association, March 6-10, New Orleans; American General Construction Association, March 9-11; San Antonio Texas;

Prosci; Change management

Lean; Construction Materials Waste Management Planning Workshop…


May 15-18
Integration to Innovation Summit, Chateau Montebello, Montebello, Quebec

Goal: Ratify the Integration Protocol

Objectives: Foster and Advance Integration Organization and Communication; Mission 2030; Progressive Tools and Indicators; Integrative Learning; Sustainable Waste Management

Sept. 25-27         International Solid Waste Association; Baltimore, US

What We’ve Done


July 9-10           Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training, Toronto

June 16              National Zero Waste Council Round Table, Toronto

May 13-15          Renewable Cities, Vancouver

May 11-14      Integration Work Retreat and AGM, Millcroft Inn, Alton, Ontario

Outcome: New Board Structure and Community Integration Initiative Framework. See:

– E-Poster   http://www.cricouncil.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Integration-e-poster-31.pdf

– Prospectus   http://www.cricouncil.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Community-Integration-Prospectus-Draft-1.pdf

– Post 2015 Plan   http://www.cricouncil.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Post-2015-Plan-Rev.3-June-26-15-copy71.pdf

May 8                Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Ottawa, Consultation Meeting

April-15             Canada-India Smart Cities Forum, Carleton University, Ottawa, Panel Presentation

February – 19     Ottawa Centre Eco District Community Engagement, Ottawa, Participation

February 11-12   Canadian Precast/Pre-stressed Concrete Institute; Pathway to our Future Open, Toronto, Presentation

January 27          Eco Fiscal Panel, McGill University, Montreal, Participation


November 26     Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment, Waste management Task Group Consultations, CRI Council Representing

1) Canadian Construction Association;

2) National Zero Waste Council

November 17-19
CRI Council Planning Summit,
at Ottawa City Council Chamber, National Research Council Auditorium and @1125 Carleton University

October 12-17
Poland Trade Mission, CRI Council represented by Cathy Rust

October 3
Canadian Parliament, House of Commons – First Clean Tech Forum,
Address by RG

September 3-6
International Downtown Association Conference, Ottawa, CRI Council Exhibit

August   10
Ontario Zero Waste Conference; Government Actions & Policies; Lakehead University, Orillia, Presentation and Round Table

June 23 
CRI Council Annual General Meeting and Policy Forum

June 18
Ottawa Regional Society of Architects Golf Day and Fund Raiser – In Part for CRI Council

June 17
US Department of Commerce – International Trade Networking Luncheon

June 10
UNEP North America Civil Society – Pre UNEP Post-2015 Assembly Tele Conference

May 16
Mission 2030 – Phase II – Integration Initiative concept posted for info, comments and Expression of Interest

May 12-13
UNEP-SBCI (Sustainable Building Climate Initiative) Annual General Meeting/Symposium; CRI Council’s joins UNEP-SBCI Materials Technical Advisory Committee + CaGBC – Quebec Chapter 10th Anniversary;

May 6
McMillan LLC – Luncheon Panel, Ottawa, Presentation

May 1
Better Building Breakfast: Zero Waste or a Landfill-free Building Panel, RENX (Real Estate News Exchange) Ottawa, Presentation

March 27
Net Zero Waste – You Can If You Plan Workshop, Merkley Trade Show, Ottawa , Presentation

March 27
Globe 2014, Vancouver ‘Scaling Up Waste-to-Profit Strategies Panel, Presentation

March 21
Waves of Change, The HUB, Ottawa, a Fios Group & CRI Council Pilot Workshop,

February 22
CTV Amazing People Gala, Ottawa – CRI Council Founder Renée Gratton Finalist

February 19
Press Conference, 2014 Interaction Pledge, Ottawa Construction Association

January 22
Building and Construction Trades Department, Canadian Representatives of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization, Consultation Meeting

2013: IN action

December 5-6
PM Expo – Construct Canada, Toronto, Presentations

  • Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
  • Ontario Recycling Council Discussion Panel

December 3-4
UNEP-RONA (UN Environment Programme-Regional Office North America)
Regional Civil Society – Major Group Consultation for the Post 2015 Agenda, Washington DC

November 8
Course, Ottawa Construction Association, Green Building Certification Systems

October 6-11
International Solid Waste Association 2013 Congress, Vienna
, Presentations

October 2-4
Recycling Council of Alberta, Calgary, Presentation

September 26-27
Exhibition, IIDEX, Canada’s National Design + Architecture Exposition & Conference,

September 19
Building Waste Summit, Toronto University Club; including official launch of:

September 18
Toronto Construction Association, Environmental Committee Presentation

September 17-18
Canadian Stewardship Conference, Toronto, Presentation

September 5
China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation and International Solid Waste Association’s International Conference on Solid Waste Management and Recycling, Wuhan China, Presentation

July 19
Strategic Summer Retreat, BBQ and Annual General Meeting Carp

July 9
CRI Council Finalist for the Climate CoLab Waste Management Contest by MIT Center for Collective Intelligence Advisory; and later as Category Winner

June 14
Association de la Construction du Quebec, Annual Genera Meeting, Rimouski, Presentation

June 11
Ottawa Design Centre, Workshop

June 6
Carillion Sustainability Summit, Toronto, Participation

June 3
Environment Canada – Waste Reduction Division Consultation Meeting

May 30
Open Concept Workshop, Ottawa Design Centre. Intro to new industry tools

May 27
Ontario Ministry of Environment, Consultation Meeting w/Minister Chief of Staff & Waste Policy Director

May 25
Mission 2030 Listed in the UNEP SCP (UN Environment Programme Sustainable Consumption & Production) Clearinghouse 10YFP (10 Year Forward of Programmes)

May 22
Ellis Don and Waste Haulers – Earth Day, Toronto, Presentation

May 9
3i Summit, Ottawa, Presentation

May 7, 14 & 21
CaGBC (Canada Green Building Council) Toronto Chapter, Webinar Series

March 21
Merkley Supply Trade Show Presentation

April 15
National Zero Waste Council Board of Director Presentation CPCI (Canadian Precast/Pre-stressed Concrete Institute) Board of Directors Sign Mission 2030 Pledge

February 19   Mission 2030 Official Launch and Workshop, Brickworks, Toronto

Abstract (2 pages) http://www.cricouncil.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Mission-2030-Abstract-2014.pdf

Power Point Presentations and other documentation at http://www.cricouncil.com/?page_id=2018

Feb 18
National Zero Waste Council, RG Accepted invitation to join as Founding Advisor

Feb 13-15
Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) 2013 Sustainable Communities Conference Presentation


2012: INspiration

November 28     Property Management Expo, Toronto, Networking

November 15     Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo, Toronto, Networking

November 2      Greening the Capital’s Existing Buildings Leadership Forum, ORC CaGBC, Presentation

October 25        Change Event, Museum of Aviation, Ottawa, Workshop

September 20-21 International Interior Designers Exhibition (IIDEX), Toronto

September 20    United Nations Environment Programme’s Global Partnership on Waste Management, led by the Division of Technology, Industry & Economics accepts CRI Council as official partner (1st Canadian Organization)

September 17-19 International Solid Waste Association, Florence Italy, Presentation

September 12     1 Day Course, Journée Bâtiment Vert/Durable, Association de la Construction du Québec, Montérégie

September         Centre-Learner Education Program Pilot, Modern Niagara, Ottawa

September 7      CRI Council Strategic Retreat and Annual general Meeting Carp

July                   Adoption of Architecture 2030

April 25          (SWANA) Solid Waste Association of North America – Canada Symposium, Niagara Falls, Presentation

Apr-16-19          CRI Council International Leaders ‘INSPIRATION’ Workshop, Wakefield Mill, Wakefield, Québec; Power Point Presentation at http://www.cricouncil.com/?page_id=1611

March 13           Canadian Construction Association Annual General Meeting Conference, Savannah Georgia, Economical Development and Marketing Committee Presentation

February 28        David Miller, Aird & Berlis – former Toronto Mayor – Consultation

February 01        Association de la Construction du Québec, Montérégie

January 24          Presentation, REALpac (Real property Association of Canada) Presentation to the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Committee, Listed as a REALpac Related Organization


November 15     City of Ottawa Environmental Committee, Address for the 30 year Waste Plan Motion

October 27-28    UNEP-SBCI Fall Symposium on Sustainable Buildings, TC Chan Centre, Philadelphia

October 5-6       Canada Green Building Council Conference, Toronto,

October 4          UK Consulate Networking Event, Toronto

August 1                        Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Presentation

July 29               CRI Council Retreat and Annual General Meeting, Carp

Initial CRI Council Allies: Architecture Canada / Royal Architectural Institute of Canada; Athena Sustainable Materials Institute; Canada Green Building Council, Ottawa Region Chapter; Canadian Precast/Pre-stressed Concrete Institute; Construction Specifications Canada; Energies 2050, France; Forest Echo; Green Home TV; Interior Designers of Canada; Habitat for Humanity – Restore (honorary); Interior Designers of Canada; Leftover.ca; Ontario Association of Architects; Ottawa Stewardship Council; Passive Buildings Canada; Quiet Value 

CRI Council and Partner Shared Documents Posted  

  • Deniz Ergun, Joe Earle, MASc Candidates, Supervised by Dr Mark Gorgolewski, Professor, Director for Graduate Program in Building Science, Department of Architectural Science, Ryerson University, Toronto, October 20, 2012, Annotated bibliography of waste minimisation, recycling and reuse issues in the construction industry – the foundation of the CRI Council Library



  • ‘Inspiring Change and Removing E-Tool Barriers’,
    • 2013
      • Join IN the ACTION
    • 2012
      • Inspire a Revolution
      • Eliminate the Concept of Building Waste Update
      • June 2012, Preferable Product Questionnaire



Videos with CRI Council Executives

Articles and Interviews about or referencing the CRI Council

  • Cathy Rust January 6, 2015, It’s Time to Tackle Construction and Demolition Waste, Globe- Net