Our Principles are the same unifying and interlinked principles for an integrative frameworks as those adopted September 25, 2015 in New York at the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Summit:

  • Leave no one behind by ensuring sustainability and meeting a basic level of environmental and social standards;
  • Live within the Earth’s safe operating space; while ensuring equitable prosperity and sustainable growth;
  • Leave assets behind for future generations, by building social, economic and environmental capital.

Our core values to foster an ideal constructive culture, that will meet the safety and satisfaction needs are simple:

  1. People Oriented: Encouraging and Affiliation;
  2. Task Oriented: Achieving and Self-Actualizing.

And our values to overcome inertia and fulfill our transformation aspirations are important to reach all stakeholders:

  • Individuals: The right understanding of self and others for engagement;
  • Groups: Relationships and teamwork for mutual benefits and happiness;
  • Organizational: Physical facilities, goods and services for mutual prosperity.

Our assumptions for success are that most other organizations can recognize the importance and high value of efficiently and effectively addressing the system development forces:

  • Integrated Governance including structure, people, purpose and process;
  • Quality Substance (matter, energy and information);
  • Environments (micro to meta).